The Founder
Chiaki Sawada

After leaving her own export business, Chiaki started to seek the way to create sustainable society. On August 8 2008, she opened Innate Seitai clinic with her partner Yasuharu, and joined the cooperative eco-village, Area Amanto, in Nakazaki-cho in Osaka.
On August 8 2013, she opened La Granda Familio in the same area.

My daughter is 3 years as of now and we've been feeding her only rice and vegetables based on Macrobiotic way of life. We had learned that the ordinary snacks you can get from a supermarket is not healthy, so we have never given them to her.
As she grows up, she started to want some "snacks" that she came to know through our social life.

We needed the healthiest and safest choice for her. It was then that we knew about granola.Granola is not only tasty but also very nutricious. And it's easy to store them, too.

My husband Yasuharu once went to the areas affected by the earthquake after 311 happened, and that experience made us think deeper about a better way of survival food - we thought maybe we could make them ourselves.

It's been 3 years since we moved to Nakazaki-cho, where La Granda Familio is now located. Living in Nakazaki-cho have been inspiring us to live life of serving and helping others.

So we found it perfect to start a business here in Nakazaki-cho, a business that can serve the community, the society and the world.

Banana granora is one of our popular items. We are using fairtrade certified Balangon banana which is safe and sacure without any post-harvest or agricultural chemicals. We were deeply moved by the concept of Balangon banana, and we feel so honord and happy that we can help Philipines and its children, as our name La Granda Familio really means one big family. All the bananas we are using for our product is Balangon banana. We always hang them at the window of our shop, so that we can let it ripe and also we can always remember our goal - the world peace.

We choose everything we use for our product with the same hope and intention.

We were already using some of the iingredients like salt, Yukouzu, organic nuts and dried fruit before we started this business.
We use these fine ingredients because we'd like to share it with our precious family.

La Granda Familio means "One Big Family" in Esperanto.
We help & support creating the sustainable society throuth our products
and serve ourselves by making tasty granola,
serve our community by making finest quality of survival food,
serve the world by using fairtrade certified product and supporting the deprived areas.

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Yasuharu Sawada

After leaving realestate business, Yasuharu started to seek the way to create sustainable society. On August 8 2008, he opened Innate Seitai clinic with his partner Chiaki, and joined the cooperative eco-village, Area Amanto, in Nakazaki-cho in Osaka.

In December 2010, I went to a village in Province of Ifugao, Cordillera Administrative Region in Philippines. I was there to attend "Community Art Project for Peace Building and Rice Terraces Preservation" that intends to preserve rice terraces and enhance the rapprochment between Philippines and Japan. In a village that still needs so much improvement for its infrastructure, I was so excited to experience the communication with the villagers and the dynamic rice teracces and the jungle. I also witnessed the jungle is threatened by the econimical growth.

Jun, who brought me there and who runs Salon de Amanto in Nakazaki-cho, took me to coffee tree planting. I learned that by planting the coffee which grows in the sun shade we can protect both people's lives and their forest. I also learned that is called Agrosforestry. That local projecti nspired me so much and I decided to start my own business that can make a better environmant for our future.

It's been 3 years since then and now we opened a granola store.

Granola is a mixture of many kinds of ingredients. We carefully choose each ingredient and make sure they are safe and secure, and in some ways we can serve the future of this planet. Balangon banana, Mascodoba sugar, Yukouzu, Maya nuts and the coffee from the big family of philippines are all the ingredients that met our standard.

You might find our store a little different from others. Because making a profit or catching a trend are either not our first priority.What matters to us most is whether we can create a positive impact on the future environment of the earth.

We dearly hope our small steps will cause a butterfly effect and become a major power to make a difference.

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Asako Ueno : Style Writer
for introducing us Kaori Drome and the advice on package design.

Kaori Drome: Designer
for the logo and the package design, and for the very quick and beautiful work.

Megumi Ayukawa : Lyric Writer
For inspiring us to name our store "La Granda Familio" by the song she wrote the lyric of, "The World as One Family". Also for writing a poem for our store.

Yuki Iwata : Web Producer
For creating this website.

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