Remembering that we are one big family on this earth -

When we remember that we are all the children of Mother Nature standing together on the very same ground, we can shift our conciousness from narrow and egoistic state which is focused on having and taking more and more, to the state of being here and now. In that state, living is the bliss.

Then we will be liberated from the dellusion that we are separate from each other, that we have to try to win this game to attain happiness. Then we will know that the happiness is the way of being who we really are.

And we will begin to perceive all the life on earth, this planet, and the universe as "La Granda Familio" - "One Big Family" in Esperanto.
This is the age of the universal wisdom. But that doesn't mean it's new nor unknown - because it comes from the ancient wisdom of our ancestors.

【Food Safety】

We believe for our happy life, safty and security are indispensable. Among all others, the safety and security of what we eat everyday is very important. Safe food for everyone of all ages. As the famous saying says "We are what we eat", so is our soul. We take our responsibility very seriously as we dedicate ourselves to the food industry.

In this society which we sometimes find it hard to know what's really true and authentic, our mission is to provide customers the best and healthiest choices possible, so that we can enhance our customers' life, and also we can support the food producers who put their heart in their product. And it leads to protecting the environment to nurture the safe and secure food.

La Granda Familio is dedicated to every family's happiness and health.

And the authentic food always tastes good, simply because that's what your body and soul really crave for.

【Creating the space for connection】

We dedicate ourselves to create positive impacts locally. We plan and organize the opportunities to connect local communities, customers and food producers for the goodness of all.

・Breakfast Gathering -connecting the customers-
・Farmers' Market -connecting local communities-
We sell organic vegetables from Tanba-Sasayama
・Mothers' Academy - connecting mothers who are now raising children-

And we are also experimentally practicing barter economy system through some of our supplies.

We believe all these efforts can help to make a better world for the children in the future.

We hope that our project helps people to understand, help, and connect with eath other, and create the ground for the conciousness of this planet as one big family.

Homemade Organic Granola,
La Granda Familio

La Granda Familio was born as a part of Amanto Project, which started in 2001 in Nakazaki-cho, Osaka. The project is about revitalizing and utilizing old abandoned houses.

As La Granda Familio means one big family, it's run by Sawada family who are also the owners of Innate Seitai Clinic in Nakazaki-cho.

For the better future for our children, we keep pursuing the goodness we can create through food.

We mainly use organic ingredients without using any MSG, artificial sweetners or refined sugar. We provide food our customers can safely and happily enjoy.

Our Promise

・We use first quality Fairtrade ingredients as much as possible.

・We use organically produced ingredients as much as possible.

・We provide traceability for our ingredients as much as possible.

・We don't use any MSG, refined sugar, or artificial sweeteners.

・We don't use any GMO.