Banana Granola 
(200g \1,080 40g \360)

We use first quality Fair-trade bananas from the Philippines and ripen them properly under ideal conditions in our store. Enjoy the rich flavor of banana with a dash of cinnamon to spice it up.
【Eating Tips】
Baked with ripe bananas which work as the sauce. Very satisfying and perfect for snacks on its own. Also goes well with yogurt.
Ingredients: Organic rolled oat, Balangon banana、honey,  organic whole wheat flour, organic palm oil, organic sugar, Mascobado sugar, organic corn flakes, organic almonds, organic raisins, organic pumpkin seeds, organic banana chips, organic cinnamon powder, natural salt

Cocoa Granola(200g \1,080 40g \360)

We use the first quality Fairtrade cocoa powder. A perfect match of aromatic pecan nuts and the natural sweetness of honey.

【Eating Tips】
You can fully enjoy the nuts! Pecan nuts and almonds. One pleasant scoop for your coffe time snack. Goes well with dairy too, like yogurt and cream cheese.

Ingredients: Organic rolled oat,  organic whole wheat flour, organic palm oil, honey, organic sugar, organic cocoa powder, organic pecan nuts, organic figs, organic raisins, organic almonds, organic soy milk

Coconut Granola(200g \1,080 40g \360)

We select Fair-trade coconut, free of any additives or decolorant. Lightly sweetened. Enjoy the scent of coconut and the taste of sweet & sour dried fruit.

【Eating Tips】
Mildly sweetened so that you can fully appreciate the taste of coconut and dried fruit. Try this granola with soy milk!

Ingredients: Organic rolled oat, organic whole wheat flour, organic palm oil, Mascobado sugar, organic cranberries, organic pumpkin seeds, organic coconut, dried pinapples, organic corn flakes, Natural Salt

Fruit Granola(200g \1,080 40g \360)

Simply baked organic rolled oat and various kinds of dried fruit. If you are a fruit-lover, this is your choice! Indulge yourself in luxurious time.

【Eating Tips】

The delicate sweetness of Mascobado sugar and the dried fruit we proudly selected go perfectly well with milk, yogurt, or soy milk.

Ingredients: Organic rolled oat, organic whole wheat flour, organic palm oil, honey, Mascobado sugar, organic almond, organic cranberries, organic dried apples, organic figs, organic currents, organic raisins, organic saltana raisins, Natural Salt

Orange Granola(200g \1,080 40g \360)

Irresistible scent of orange peels freshly delivered from Italy. Organic Yukou vinegar adds colorful flavor. Refreshing and crunchy.

【Eating Tips】
The diced orange peels have refreshing sour flavor. Enjoy it with something rich and creamy, like yogurt or cheese.

Ingredients: Organic rolled oat, organic whole wheat flour, honey, organic palm oil, organic sugar, organic currents, organic cashew nuts, organic pecan nuts, organic orange peels, organic Yukou vinegar, Natural Salt

Rich Maple Granola(200g \1,300 40g \360)

Healthy choice for your morning as it's sweetened only with maple syrup. Baked with a variety of flavorful dried fruit.

【Eating Tips】
Mild sweetness of maple syrup goes well with soy milk or milk.

Ingredients: Organic rolled oat,  organic whole wheat flour, organic palm oil, maple syrup, organic raisins,organic saltana raisins, organic dried apples, organic cranberries, organic figs, organic pecan nuts, organic hazel nuts, organic almonds, organic maple sugar, Natural Salt

Salt & Pepper Granola(200g \1,080 40g \360)

Baked with all-natural salt "Shiho - Flower of Ocean - ", which is made by traditional Japanese flat-kettled boiling and crystalized. Using organic black pepper and organic virgin olive oil.
【Eating Tips】
The only savory granola spiced up with black pepper. Sprinkle it over your salad, soup, steamed vegetables, curry or chilled tofu as delicious topping. Wiith warm soy milk or milk, it becomes hearty soup. Can also be a good munch on its own when you drink.

Ingredients: Organic rolled oat, organic whole wheat flour, organic olive oil, organic cashew nuts, organic peanuts, organic walnuts, organic corn flakes, natural salt, organic black pepper

Black Soybean Flour Granola(200g \1,080 40g \360)

Soybean flour can be the great source of protein. And rich anthocyanins working as antioxidant can be found in the black soybean. Our black soybeans are produced in Tanba-Sasayama without using any agricultural chemicals. With Mascobado sugar which is minimally refined cane sugar, this is a wise choice for women's health.
【Eating Tips】
Goes well with both hot / cold milk and soy milk.
Ingredients: Organic rolled oat, black beans, Mascobado sugar,  organic whole wheat flour, organic palm oil, organic soybean flour、organic soy milk, Natural Salt

Earl Grey Tea Granola(200g \1,080 40g \360)

Pleasant mixture of Earl Grey tea, blueberries and dried cowberries. Enjoy the delicate balance of sweetness and sourness. This granola has lots of female fans.

【Eating Tips】
Great for snacks on its own. With warm milk or soy milk, you can fully enjoy the aroma of Earl Grey.
Ingredients: Organic rolled oat, organic sugar,  organic whole wheat flour, organic palm oil, organic pecan nuts, organic blueberries,organic cowberries, organic tea, Natural Salt


Coffee Granola(200g \1,080 40g \360)

These coffee beans are grown without using any agricultural chemicals in the mountain range called Cordillera which is situated in the northern central part of the island of Luzon, in the Philippines. Sophisticated bitter taste mixed with spices and orange peels.
【Eating Tips】
The spice-lover's choice. Great for crunchy snacks on its own.

Ingredients: Organic rolled oat, Mascobado sugar,  organic whole wheat flour, organic palm oil, organic hazel nuts, organic pecan nuts, organic orange peels, organic cloves, organic cinnamon, organic cardamon, coffee, Maya nuts coffee, natural salt

Spicy Vege Granola(200g \1,080 40g \360)

We totally fell in love with these dried vegetables of Shinotaro's Farm. Enjoy the perfect combination of spicy tomato sauce and the dried vegetables.

Eating Tips
Great for snacks on its own, but it also works perfectly to spice up your meals - like using as toppings of mashed potato or creamy potage soup.
Ingredients: Organic rolled oat, organic whole wheat flour, organic olive oil, organic peanuts, organic pumpkin seeds, organic tomato sauce, onion, garlic, okra, tomato, watermelon radish, red turnip, radish, natural salt, organic black pepper, organic jalapeno peper sauce


Salt Lemon & Orange Granola
(200g \1,080 40g \360)

Using organic lemons which has been salted down for 3 months. Joyful taste of preserved lemon mixed with orange peels.

Eating Tips
Very refreshing when served with chilled soy milk or milk.

Ingredients: Organic rolled oat, honey, organic whole wheat flour, organic palm oil, organic sugar, organic pecan nuts, organic cashew nuts, organic orange peels, lemon, organic Yukou juice, Natural Salt

Cinnamon Chocolate Strawberry Granola
(200g \1,080 40g \360)

The idea of this desert granola came from one of our customers who loves cinnamon. As cinnamon is sometimes said to symbolize abundance, the aroma is very rich. Mixed with French organic chocolate and American organic dried strawberries.

【Eating Tips】

Great for your desert. Add milk or soy milk, or to make it even more decadant desert, add some yogurt. Can also be used as an ingredient for your baked sweets or sandwich filling.
Ingredients: Organic rolled oat, organic sugar, honey,  organic whole wheat flour, organic palm oil, organic cocoa powder, organic chocolate chips, organic walnuts, dried strawberries, organic cinnamon, soy milk, Natural Salt

Okoshi Bar
(Original / Banana:\330@1 bar \1,320@4 bar assortment)

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Our Promise

・We use first quality Fairtrade ingredients as much as possible.

・We use organically produced ingredients as much as possible.

・We provide traceability for our ingredients as much as possible.

・We don't use any MSG, refined sugar, or artificial sweeteners.

・We don't use any GMO.

Carefully Chosen Ingredients

Natural Salt
Flower Of Ocean / Shiho

This natural salt is obtained by drying the marine deep water which is very pure and rich in minerals collected from the sea ≥200 m deep in Izu Oshima.Using natural & clean energy system like solar and wind, they put enough amount of time in boiling it. In this process, the salt grains grow bigger and become flavorful, rich in minerals.The name "Shiho" came from the appreciation for Mother nature.It's so much more than ordinary salt, this is the real salt, with almost sweetness in its taste.

Organic nuts and dried fruit

With great care, grown, harvested and processed in really natural environment.

When you think about the safety and the security of food, it needs to be organically grown without using any agricultural chemicals.
Even you are not into dried fruit so much, try ours and you might change your mind, as many of our customers have.

Organic Yukou Juice

This unique aromatic Japanese originated citrus, Yukou, was born through natural crossing.
Yukou Juice that La Granda Familio is using is the first and the only vinegar certified as organic in Tokushima. To protect and enhance the agricultural cycle, all process is done manually.

Their motto is to produce safe food for the better future of our children.

Mascobado Fairtrade Sugar

The sugarcane of Mascobado sugar is grown and harvested by the sugarcane growers who acquired the farm through Land Reform.

Small sugarcane growers in Negros are struggling to become self-reliant. Their sugarcane, which is grown largely organically, is squeezed, boiled down, stirred and dried to make powdered dark sugar. In Negros this process is called "Mascobado." Since no refining is included in the process, the sugar contains molasses and retains the flavor of the sugarcane and minerals. The sugar is sweet and tasty and at the same time is very light. It enhances any type of cooking by making food more tasty.

Balangon Fairtrade Banana

The Balangon banana has two faces.
As a naturally grown banana, it can be enjoyed as a tasty and safe fruit. And as a commodity of "people-to-people trade," the banana helps farmers in the Philippines to become self-reliant.
The Balangon banana was first imported to Japan in 1989 as a commodity of "people-to-people trade." This trade was launched when people in Negros, faced with hunger and struggling to attain a decent living for future generations, met with people in Japan who were concerned with "life, living and the environment." Those Japanese were seeking ways for producers and consumers, people in the South and the North, to live together.
By eating the Balangon banana, we can support the livelihoods of the producers in the Philippines and help to create a better environment for living together on this planet.
At present, Balangon bananas are grown in other parts of the Philippines besides Negros Island. Links of "people-to-people trade" of Balangon bananas are being developed by bringing producers in the South and consumers in the North closer to each other, based on "face-to-face relationships."

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[ Expiration Date ]
It will stay fresh up to 2 months. ※Due to the shipping process, when you buy the item online it's earlier than 2 months from the delivery. Please check the lable to know the precise expiration date.

[ How to Store Granola] 
Store the granola in a cool, dry location. Eat as soon as possible after the package is opened. 

Shipping & Handling Information

Only the regular size (200g) is available for online shopping.
Collect on Delivery:Handling fee may be charged depending on the sum of your order.
※Handling fee for Collect on Delivery(tax included): \324 when your order is less than 10,000 yen total.

The products will be shipped by Seino Unyu. (within 2 Kg)


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[Chubu]Gifu/Shizuoka/Aichi/Mie \540

[Hokuriku]Toyama/Ishikawa/Fukui/Nagano \540

[Shikoku]Kagawa/Tokushima/Kouchi/Ehime \650

[Koushinetsu]Nigata/Yamanashi \650

[Southern Kanto]Saitama/Tokyo/Chiba/Kanagawa \650

[Northern Kanto]Tochigi/Gunma/Ibaraki \650

[Northern Kyusyu]Fukuoka/Saga/Nagasaki/Oita \650

[Southern Kyusyu]Kumamoto/Miyazaki/Kagoshima \760

[Southern Tohoku]Yamagata/Miyagi/Fukushima \760

[Northern Tohoku]Aomori/Akita/Iwate \870



Shipping & handling fee is FREE on orders over \10,000. *Domestic only

How to Return the Item

Basically we can't process exchanges or returns. However if the item is defective or different from what you have ordered, please let us know within 7 days from the delivery either by phone or email. We'll check the situation and replace the item as soon as possible. In this case, we take care of the shipping & handling fee. If you want to cancel the order instead of replacing it with a new one, we'll give you a refund of its purchase within 7 days from the arrival of the returned item, by bank transfer.

Address for Returning 1-1-18 Nakazaki-Nishi Kita-ku, Osaka, Japan
Zip : 530-0015 TEL.06-6136-7811

Please make sure you contact us within 7 days, as we can't exchange or refund the item if it's over 7 days from the delivery, or if you don't contact us in advance.


Price:Tax is included in all prices.

Images of the product:The actual product might be slightly different from the pictures on this website, depending on the baking /packaging process and so on.

Due to our examination standard, we may refuse your order. If you are under the age 16, please order with the consent of the legal guardians.

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